B-17G - WWII Heavy Bomber

Among all the aircraft produced during the Second World War, bombers provided military planners with a new tool to wage war – the destruction of production facilities, cities, and military targets far behind enemy lines. The production of bomber aircraft and anti-aircraft weapons continued to evolve as the war continued. Among these massive machines, the B-17 “Flying Fortress” is one of the best-known American aircraft produced during the war.

In the early months of the war, it became apparent that large bombers would need some kind of protection from enemy fighter planes. Although bombers were commonly sent with escorts, the B-17 was designed to deal with enemy fighters on its own, deploying up to thirteen .50 caliber machine guns. When the B-17 reached its target, it could drop a maximum of 12,700 pounds of bombs.

Bomber crews suffered some of the highest casualty rates in the war. As ground-based anti-aircraft technology advanced, crews were often met with high-explosive shells. These shells would force shrapnel through the aircraft, injuring the crew inside. The B-17 often faced the well-seasoned Luftwaffe over Europe where crews struggled to defend themselves against the veteran German pilots. Nonetheless, the Flying Fortress and the men that crewed these ubiquitous aircraft would earn their place in history as legends in both the Pacific and European theaters of war.


Wingspan: 103 ft, 9 in (31.6 m)
Crew: 6-10
Engine: 4x 1200hp Wright R-1820-97 Cyclones with GE Type B-22 exhaust driven superchargers
Top Speed: 287 mph (462 km/h)
Maximum Range: 1000-3000 miles (based on bomb load)
Armament: 10-13x .50 cal. machine guns; up to 12,700 lbs in bombs
Total Produced: 12,731

The B-17G - WWII Heavy Bomber kit comes with the following features

10 custom-printed minifigures
10 .50 caliber BrickArms machine guns mounted on moving turrets
Moving flaps, ailerons, and rudder
Retractable landing gear
Printed Elements and high-quality sticker sheet
Four bombs with opening bomb bay doors
Spinning propellers
Detailed interior
Designed by Cody Osell
Includes full-color printed building instructions
Includes 3,074 LEGO and BrickArms elements.

All Brickmania model kits are made of new-condition LEGO bricks. This model comes disassembled and includes complete printed building instructions and comes packaged in a sealed box. This is a limited-edition kit and production may be discontinued at any time.

B-17G - WWII Heavy Bomber