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  1. Helmet, German Medic

    Helmet, German Medic


    BrickArms Stahlhelm w/ Red Cross Print

  2. BB Jeep - US Army Jeep

    BB Jeep - US Army Jeep


    The general purpose scout car (JEEP) was designed to be an agile,light weight multi-use vehicle to be used by the new motorized US Army forces during World War II. The JEEP's performance and reputation was legendary as this car was the adopted light weight vehicle by both Allied and Axis armies.

  3. Pak 38 50mm Anti-Tank Gun

    Pak 38 50mm Anti-Tank Gun


    The Pak 38 5cm Anti-Tank Gun was developed as a response to shortcomings found in the Pak 36 3.7cm AT Gun used during the Spanish Civil War. It was put into mass production in 1939 for the Wehrmacht and proved to be one of the few anti-tank weapons capable of penetrating the armor of the T-34 tanks. While larger anti-tank guns would be introduced, the Pak 38 continued to be useful for the remainder of the war due to its small size and good ballistic performance.

  4. Kuebelwagen - Dark Gray

    Kuebelwagen - Dark Gray


    The Kübelwagen was a light utility car used by the German armed forces during World War II. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche, it shared many chassis components with the Volkswagen Beetle. The Kübelwagen could carry four fully equipped soldiers on roads and overland thanks to it's light weight body, reinforced suspension and a self-locking differential. Its air cooled engine was reliable and easier to maintain in the field verses their more complex allied equivalents. More than 50,000 were manufactured during the war for the German armed forces.

  5. M1A1 75mm Howitzer on M8 Carriage

    M1A1 75mm Howitzer on M8 Carriage


    Designed shortly after World War I to replace existing light artillery pieces, the M1 75mm "pack" howitzer was a small artillery piece that could be broken down and transported by pack horses or mules. Not mass produced until the outbreak of World War II, several design improvements were added in 1940, with the new gun designated the M1A1 on M8 Carriage (replacing the original wooden-wheeled gun carriage). The lightweight field gun was mainly used to equip US Army airborne artillery battalions, but was also adopted for use by the US Marine Corps for its campaigns in the Pacific. While not as powerful as the more widely used 105mm howitzers, its small size made it more versatile and easier to transport over rough terrain.

  6. USS North Carolina - American Fast Battleship (Black Box Premium Kit)

    USS North Carolina - American Fast Battleship (Black Box Premium Kit)


    Laid down before the outbreak of World War II, the USS North Carolina was the first of a new class of American ships that would be among the fastest and most heavily armed battleships in the world. She was the first new American battleship to arrive in Pearl Harbor just after the Japanese Attack and participated in every subsequent major naval campaign of the Pacific War. The North Carolina earned 15 battle stars, making her the most decorated American warship in World War Two. After serving magnificently in World War II, she was decommissioned from the US Navy and is currently preserved as a war memorial in Wilmington, NC.

  7. Nebelwerfer - German Multiple Rocket Launcher

    Nebelwerfer - German Multiple Rocket Launcher


    A 1/35 scale model of the Nebelwerfer 41 German mobile rocket launcher (aka “Screaming Mimi” to Allied troops).

  8. WWII US Army Jeep

    WWII US Army Jeep


    The 1/4 ton 4x4 General Purpose Utility Car (aka "Jeep") is an American legend born during World War Two. Hundreds of thousands of were produced in World War Two and remained one of the US military's main general purpose vehicles until the late 1980's.

  9. Modern Rifleman - Gray

    Modern Rifleman - Gray


    Modern Rifleman Minifigure - Gray

  10. Modern Rifleman - Tan

    Modern Rifleman - Tan


    Modern Rifleman Minifigure - Tan

  11. Modern SAW Soldier - Gray

    Modern SAW Soldier - Gray


    Modern SAW Soldier Minifigure - Gray

  12. Modern SAW Soldier - Tan

    Modern SAW Soldier - Tan


    Modern SAW Soldier Minifigure - Tan

  13. P-47 Thunderbolt 1/100 Scale Minikit

    P-47 Thunderbolt 1/100 Scale Minikit


    The P-47 was the largest single-seat, single-engine fighter used in World War II. It was developed by Republic Aviation and was the first aircraft equipped with the powerful Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial engine (later used in the Navy’s F6F Hellcat and F4U Corsair fighters). The Thunderbolt featured thick armor protection for the pilot and was heavily armed with eight .50 caliber Browning M2 machine guns and up to 2500 pounds of rockets or bombs. With the addition of external drop tanks, the P-47 was able to provide fighter escort to bomber formations deep into enemy occupied Europe. While the P-47 was a competent air-to-air fighter, it’s massive firepower and speed made it an ideal ground attack aircraft. It’s prowess for hunting tanks made it the scourge of German panzer forces in Europe, forcing them to stay hidden during daylight hours. Ground attack versions of the P-47 were delivered to the European Theater of Operations in time for the D-Day Invasions, for which all Allied aircraft were painted with characteristic black and white “invasion stripes.” More than 15,000 were built during World War II, making it a close rival of the P-51 Mustang for most widely used American fighter aircraft of the war. 

  14. Vietnam Era M60 Gunner with M69 Flak Vest and M60 - Brown

    Vietnam Era M60 Gunner with M69 Flak Vest and M60 - Brown


    A Vietnam Era M60 Gunner minifigure with a custom printed M69 Flak Jacket by MMCB Capes and a custom printed Mitchell helmet by Citizen Brick.

    Accessories by BrickArms.

  15. Modern Sniper - Tan

    Modern Sniper - Tan


    Modern Sniper Minifigure - Tan

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