Sci-Fi Apoc Chrome Weapons Pack

Chrome-SciFi Apoc Pack


In the depths of space and blackness of the apocalypse, the accessories of the BrickArms Chrome Sci-Fi Apoc Pack shine through!


Created using high quality electroplating to add a real chrome metal finish, these accessories are both durable and the finest in minifig chrome weaponry available


Includes the following Chrome accessories: 
- Photon Pistol - Plasma Blade - Combat PDW - 2 Apoc SMGs - HCSR - Energy Pistol - AC8 - Space Magnum - Needle Gun - Spy Carbine - M1 Carbine - HSR - Sawed-Off Shotgun - M203 Grenade Launcher (Plus Silver U-Clip for Attachment) - Precision Sniper Rifle - Mk2 Frag Grenade 

(U-Clips are silver, everything else is chromed)

Sci-Fi Apoc Chrome Weapons Pack