Churchill Crocodile Heavy Tank

The Churchill Crocodile was a British flame-throwing variant of the Churchill Mark VII tank. They began production in October 1943, in time for the Normandy invasion. From early in the war there had been experiments with mounting flamethrowers on British vehicles. General Percy Hobart saw the Crocodile demonstration in 1943 and pressured the MoS to produce a development plan. Shortly after, the Chief of the General Staff added the flamethrowers to the 79th Division plan.

The flamethrower equipment was produced as a kit that REME workshops could install in the field, converting any available Churchill Mk VII to a Crocodile. The conversion kit included the trailer which held the fuel, an armored pipe fitted along the underside of the tank, and the projector.

With the flamethrower’s short range of up to 120 yards, the Crocodile was a specialized weapon. The fuel burned on water and could be used to set fire to woods and houses. The flamethrower could project a "wet" burst of unlit fuel, which would splash around corners in trenches or strongpoints, and then be ignited with a second burst. It was used so successfully against German bunkers that many surrendered after the first ranging shots.


Crew: 5
Units produced: 800
Engine: Bedford Twin-Six gasoline
Armor: 152 mm hull and turret front; 95 mm hull sides and turret sides; 51 mm hull rear
Armament: 75 mm ordnance QF main gun, flame projector unit
Ammunition: 84 x 75 mm projectiles, 400 x gallons of flamer fuel
Operational range: 56 mi
Speed: 15 mph

The Churchill Crocodile Heavy Tank kit comes with the following features:

360 degree rotating turret
Custom-printed WWII British Tank Commander
Operational hatches
Working gun elevation
Double-wide Track Links
Detachable armored fuel trailer with stabilizers
8 Printed elements
1/35 scale to match other Brickmania models
Designed by Yitzy Kasowitz
Includes 765 genuine new-condition LEGO® bricks and BrickArms® elements
Intermediate Skill Level (4-6 years of experience with LEGO is recommended)

All Brickmania model kits are made of new-condition LEGO bricks. This model comes disassembled and includes complete printed building instructions and comes packaged in a sealed box. This is a limited edition kit and production may be discontinued at any time.


Churchill Crocodile Heavy Tank