Modern Combat Pack V.6

BrickArms Modern Combat Pack V.6


Everything you need to create modern battle scenes, the BrickArms Modern Combat Pack v5 includes sniper rifles, SMGs, battle rifles, and more!

Pack includes:

  • M249 SAW
  • M249 SAW Para
  • UCS Pistol
  • M60 w/Ammo Can and Bipod
  • HCSR Sniper Rifle
  • Assault Carbine
  • Folding Machine Gun (FMG)
  • ACS Shotgun
  • ARC Carbine
  • Combat PDW
  • M9
  • SABR Shotgun
  • Combat Knife
  • AK-12
  • AC8
  • XVR Vector
  • M16
  • HAC
  • Tactical PDW
  • PSR Sniper Rifle

Modern Combat Pack V.6