Brickmania Track Links One and a Half Wide, Steel x 150 pcs

A package of 150 single wide Brickmania Track Links™ with chevron track pattern. All connected together, 150 x Brickmania Track Links™ makes a chain measuring approximately 37" long.

SGD 45.00


Brickmania Track Links™ are our own custom track element for armored / tracked vehicles specifically designed to be used with the LEGO® system. Brickmania Track Links are injection molded using pure ABS plastic and can be snapped together for any desired length and come in Single Wide (1 LEGO brick wide), One and a Half Wide (1 1/2 LEGO bricks wide) and Double Wide (2 LEGO bricks wide). Brickmania Track Links mesh with most LEGO Technic® gears and in most circumstances have a smoother, looser fit than standard LEGO chain links. Brickmania Track Links are designed and professionally manufactured entirely in the USA.


  • Most realistic track solution on the market
  • Meshes well with the most popular building systems
  • Perfect for detailed tanks, half-tracks, tractors, etc.
  • Made of medical grade ABS plastic
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

Brickmania Track Links One and a Half  Wide, Steel x 150 pcs